Gift Options

The Relic Shoppe has several options for gift-giving, including Gift Certificates and Custom Work Vouchers.

Gift Certificates

Don’t know what to get for that special someone? Get them a Gift Certificate and let them decide for themselves! Certificates come in four denominations, perfectly priced for one, two, three, or four pieces, and may be used to purchase anything in the Shoppe’s existing lines.

  • $30.00—Any one item
  • $60.00—Any two items
  • $90.00—Any three items
  • $120.00—Any four items

Custom Work Vouchers

In the mood for something more exciting? Brand-new Custom Work Vouchers give your giftee the unique experience of collaborating with a professional designer on a brand-new piece made especially for them! Experience the entire process of creating a new piece, from the initial design sketches to the stone selections, and walk away with a unique one-of-a-kind fashion accessory! Custom Work Vouchers come in three denominations, with options ranging from one super-stylish signature piece to an entire jewelry set. Purchase one today, and give that special someone the chance to have their jewelry exactly as they like it!

  • $50.00—One custom piece
  • $75.00—Two custom pieces
  • $100.00—Three custom pieces

Email me at and get yours today!

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