The Abacus Bracelet!

Introducing the Abacus Bracelet!

Inspired by the simplistic design and functionality of the ancient abacus, this stylish counting bracelet looks awesome while at the same time enabling the wearer to count to 100 at a moment’s notice. Great for counting rows or rounds in knitting, or for keeping your place when counting in groups, or maybe even performing complex calculations for that new robot butler you’ve been working on.

But how does it work?

Taking a cue from rosary beads, the Abacus Bracelet uses a unique “carrying” system to count easily and distinctly from one to one hundred. The main portion of the bracelet is composed of ten semiprecious stone beads, representing the “ones”. To increase the amount currently being shown on the bracelet by less than ten, simply hook the sterling silver chain through the loops in the main bead links, after the bead of the number you wish to indicate.

For example, this bracelet is currently showing the number two, as the chain is hooked through the space immediately after the second bead link.

To keep straight which end is one and which is ten, just remember that the clasp is at the end, meaning, of course, that the bead immediately before the hook part of the clasp is the tenth bead.

Moving into double digits requires the lobster-clasp “tens charm” to come into play. The “tens charm” carries your tens for you; simply move the charm one link down the sterling silver chain towards the hook for every ten you wish to show.

For example, this bracelet is currently showing the number 40, as the charm is in the 4th link down the chain and the hook end is loose (can also be hooked through the central link if you wish).

And now it’s showing the number 72, as the tens charm is in the seventh link on the chain and the hook is slipped through the second link on the main bracelet.

Since there are exactly ten links in the sterling silver chain, you now have the power to count to and store any number from one to one hundred. And because the Abacus Bracelet uses this “carrying” system, you can leave and come back to it much later, and still remember exactly where you were. Every digit has a unique representation on the bracelet, so you’ll never confuse 54 with 64 and crash your moon lander ever again.

Price For one Abacus Bracelet: $30.00 USD

Abacus Bracelets are made to order, and can be made using any semiprecious stone bead currently in the Relic Shoppe line. You can even mix and match with multiple different stone types if you wish! Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for your bracelet to be crafted and shipped.

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