The World’s Best Stitch Markers!

Deutsch Creations sterling silver stitch markers are made with the unique needs of the knitter in mind. Most beaded stitch markers for sale have been created either by knitters who don’t work with wire, or by wireworkers who don’t knit. I do both, and have crafted these markers with several unique features, detailed below.

Price for Stitch Markers, set of five: $20.00 USD

The most important feature of a Deutsch Creations stitch marker is the top loop, which is teardrop-shaped rather than round. This means that on your needles it behaves exactly as a stitch in your fabric does. Needles LIKE slipping these markers. And the extra little bit of weight keeps them from flying off, so you can knit as fast as you want!

The basic markers in each set come in two distinct styles which vary in one or two small but quickly apparent details, either through the use of two different wire components or two different but complimentary bead styles (or both, as shown here). For knitters who like to use color-coded markers to cue them on pattern changes, this two-style approach makes it easy to personalize your patterning.

At the head of each set of stitch markers is the key marker. This marker is always longer and more complex than the rest of the set, using extra beads or containing an additional wire component to make it stand out from its fellows. Place this key at the end of your round in circular knitting, or drop it anywhere else that you’d like a big red flag to give you a heads up on an impending pattern change.

The World’s Best Stitch Markers are made in a default “medium” ring size, which will comfortably accommodate needles up to US size 10. If you would like them to fit larger needles, just send me an email when you place your order (or in the “buyer’s notes” section of your purchase on Etsy) and request the “large” size rings, which can comfortably fit up to US size 15. (If you need them even bigger than that, just send me an email and we’ll talk.)

Colors and types of stones will vary from pictures shown. If you have a color preference, contact me when you make your order and I will do my best to accommodate it. Markers are sold in sets of five, but if you are interested in a different number of markers, send me an email at and we’ll discuss a la carte pricing!

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